The day in Shorts

  • iDon’t, DroidDoes! Dont usually duplicate commercials but this one cracked me up! Good work Moto! #
  • Funny @the404 episode, @malusbrutus 🙂 I do believe you should have a nice & COLD @Becks_Beer on todays show!! Nobody likes hot beer.. #
  • Its so cold ive had to put my car to HI degrees celcius.. #
  • Looking at #Google #Wave. Looking forward to testing some collaboration in it.. #
  • I am EASILLY getting used to having a GPS on me at all times.. Viva my HTC Magic #Android phone 🙂 #
  • saved my living room today. #
  • I installed the Android Phonebook app today. Looks flashy, does some things I miss in the standard app & HTC app. Testing 🙂 #

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