The Dark Volume

I just finished reading The Dark Volume, the sequel to The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters. (I wrote about these earlier)

Thrilling Reads, both of them.

Except I do have a problem with the 2nd book.
The first book ended in an open but quite satisfactory way. There was a certain amount of closure and the parts that were open were easily completed with a bit of imagination. I was content.
This second book on the other hand has a Difficult ending. Its very open and .. well, there will have to be a third part to tie up the ends. Only I dont know if its coming, considering how the sales apparently went. Though the third book or whateverest book might already ‘ve been paid for in that humongous 2mill they paid the guy to write it.

Im looking forward to the third book. Yet Im irked because I fear there wont be a third book. I have barely even read speculation about this much needed third book. There Will be a third book!

Still, you should read these books. They are Amazing!

Im tempted to word why. Im frustrated at the fact that this is not Top of the proverbial best seller list. I feel I need to persuade people to read this book, so everyone ll know how Awesome a book it is. It IS an Awesome story! Check out some reviews or anything; and buy the books NOW 😉

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