The day in Shorts

  • whow, @gdk , thats Special 🙂 Did you talk to her?? #
  • yeah, @gdk , family guy rulez!! 🙂 As for the actual quality of this deal – ill judge that on a per episode basis 😉 #
  • Clara Continuo! #
  • @gdk rofl @ the bsg Maxim! Tricia Helfer looks Great and the “thats starttrek” comment cracked me up 😀 (I actually thinking exactly That) #
  • ? @gdk: BSG still rules though. In anticipation waiting for the movie. #
  • @gdk I noticed 😀 & I noticed 😦 #
  • Trafic jam. Pfff. At least I got my fly shot. And my Dell M4400 – intact. #
  • A fly shot is a “flu shot” in a dent written from a moving car while only moderately paying attention.. #

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