Mobile Barcoder

Mozilla Firefox has a Great plug-in (One amongst many) called Mobile Barcoder 0.2.0.

Its basically the solution for that moment when you find an article you want to read, but want to read it on your mobile instead of your laptop. But dont want to type that long URL. Simple solution.. Make a QR code out if it 😉

Simple mouse over thingy, generates a QR on the go; scan it & walk away 🙂

Im looking to get some of that functionality on my blog, mouse over style. I might ‘ve found the right plugin, but have yet to test it..

Disclaimer: This is not a screenshot of my machine, screenshot courtesy of the plugin developer!

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3 thoughts on “Mobile Barcoder

  1. Glad you like my extension. I’ve also been wondering whether to try and make an automated ‘tooltip’ for links (perhaps just ones to ‘m…’ URLs) but at the moment I think it’s a bit too invasive. For now I’ve just got the right-click menu option that generates it.


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