The day in Shorts

  • Great works on the houses all round ours. Tweetpic failed though :/ #
  • Italian really Is a Wonderful language! It just Sounds beautiful! #
  • auch – “we re an all apple house” sounds So WRONG #
  • Why they repeat it 17 times in that commercial? Because that made @mollywood plug the ad in #gadgettes :/ #
  • The #gwibber frontend keeps on going unresponsive .. #
  • Hearing the #deadwood trailer makes me want to watch the series all over again. Deadwood is AWSOME!! #
  • Great effort – OpenERP on CentOS by @bdeferme Kudos! #
  • About to stop dicking around with picture tweetal and read some 😉 #
  • Listening to Skunk Anansie at #
  • Agent Provocateur has Amazing clothes, but I’ll need a hefty raise before I’ll be able to shop there :/ #
  • @gdk they do & they re awesome 😉 #

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