The Old..

Im relieved to finally be able to say I quit the old job and have started the new job.

Where I might have thought quitting the old job to be the easy part, I can now look back on these 9 weeks of FUD and doubt, intermingled with manipulative management speak and unreasonable requests and realise how wrong that was.

In a last venomous stupor of .. of what? I can barely put a name to it.. they chose to not return my phone number to me. There might be good reasons to do so, but I can guarantee that none of those apply to my personal case. I did get that nr in a present from my dad; and it closely resembles the one my mom had. Ive had it for close to 10 years and everyone I met in those 10 years; every precious contact or friend; knows to reach me by it. But no more. Like a mule kicking you in the back after you ve given up on it & are trying to walk away while everyone’s dignity is still in tact..

Peaceful resolution was not an option, lawyers duked it out to the final breath of hair. I have to admit though; I knew what kind of company I was joining when I signed on back when..

I am glad that I am now on my way to my Bright New Open Future 😉

The nr still hurts though.. (mail me if you need the new nr..)

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