My new & bright Open Future

After a strenuous 9 weeks (check the earlier blog post for some frustrations) I am happy to announce that I will be working for Open Future as of tomorrow, Oct 8th, o9!

Open - Future
Open - Future

Who Where What?
Well, we re Belgiums new Open Source company, joining the ranks of the very few other open source oriented businesses with the plan to do it better; to Be The Best 😉 (Isnt that why everyone gets up in the morning? Hehe)
On this new adventure with my trusted colleagues, a group whose strengths and weaknesses are well known and balanced in a wonderful lil rope act of teamwork (am I going overboard with the imagery here??) Amongst who are Bert & Guy (as seen on planet.grep)
Asfor the rest of the questions; there s a site for all that! (Every site its purpose..)

lol, what a post so far 🙂 And all I wanted to say was that I Really look forward to the new challenges my new & bright Open Future will bring 😉

(The first of which being the cold turkey switch from an azerty to a qwerty laptop!! Took me Slightly longer to type this post)

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3 thoughts on “My new & bright Open Future

  1. It continues to amaze me that there are people out there who voluntarily will suffer a keyboard layout that for all practical purposes is a manufacturing mistake. There is only one keyboard layout: us-unix. Accept no others. They’re cruel and unhealthy.


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