Karmic Koala – Totem Smurf mode

After recently installing the Koala, moving my data over to the new install & installing the packages from the list I exported earlier, I noticed that totem had apparently switched to smurf mode. Smurf mode asin everything utterly blue. (Even Hellboy – bit hard not to notice, everyone & thing blue)

After some annoying moments, I finally checked the interwebs & found the following post “nvidia sets HUE to -1000” which explains that the totem needs to be told that we dont want a -1000 hue after all 😉

The Solution:
Go into the totem edit > preferences dialog. Select the Display tab.
You ll see that the “Hue” slider is set entirely to the left. Put it back in the middle or use the “Reset to defaults” button to reset all Color Balance sliders to their default position.

The bug report suggests that this needs to be repeated with each new clip, but so far that doesnt appear to be the case.. And while we re talking totem, the new resume option is amazing!

Hooray for Red! 😉

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