The Koala Experience..

Testing the Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10 Alfa 6 on my Dell Latitude D630.

Everything works out of the box. Hooray! Next; installing all the software via the Synaptic “save/read markings” option 😉 & an rsync of my /home dir with the previous version. – Which all worked out fine. Linux is an amazing system.

Ill vent my usage findings here. Instead of throwing the laptop out of the window. (It IS an alfa version, so there will be a lot of bugs) I feel this is the better option..

  • The Gwibber looks weird & wont connect. Ill wait till it connects before killing it with haterizms
  • Damn, exaile lost all my podcast feeds. That hurts :/
  • Im glad Compiz now allows you to drag a window over te top edge of the screen. Better now!
  • The new icons dont mesh too well with a dark background..
  • Vid colors are WAAAY off in totem, though Ill have to check if other vids to that too..
  • this flash stuff crashes aaaaal the tiime now. Its an issue :s
  • The new crash handler works nice though..
  • Hibernation is now Impressive!
  • Whoowie, Totem is having a HARD time! Colors are off (EVERYTHING is Blue! Hellboy is Blue!!!!); playback barely works; .. I probably installed some ff-ed plugin when blanket installing the list of soft I had on Jaunty. Youtube player feels like its dying too..
    Edit: the blue-ness has been solved! Karmic Koala – totem smurf mode
  • Sound controll feels off.. its all or nothing. I fear Ill go deaf on anything over half the slider :s My earbuds are mini speakers for the whole office with the slider at full.. Whats that about the new MP3 player max DB output in europe?? 😉

Even though the above comments .. its an Impressive alpha version! Cant wait for the Koala to come out!

More on this later 😉

In other news! Inductive charging is Soooow cool! 🙂

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