New phone number..

After 10 years with my curent phone nr, I am now about to lose that number thanks to my curent employer. There is no reason why they should keep it except harassment, I have never shared that nr with any customers as per company policy. Nevertheless, the chance is realistic I will lose the nr.

Yes, its only a number, but I guess that the fact that it resembles my moms old number does mean stuff to me.

But we needed certainty over my phone nr, so thats that..

And so, anyone who needs my New number, send me an email (and do mention yours, I have a new cellphone too ;))

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2 thoughts on “New phone number..

  1. I always have a hard time remembering these little yet important changes. Is this number going to a new employer of theirs? My apologies in advance to him for those 3AM phonecalls to ‘let you hear how marvelously fucking great the party is over here…and also you don’t know what you’re missing…and you’re a nitwit douchebag for declining the invite earlier that day’


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