The day in Shorts

  • Epic battle vs @nimblemind – Khador in a heroic bout with dirty rebel skumm #
  • The @nimblemind skumm dies a painfull one. Though the whole things was Really close! #
  • eXistenZ is till a cool movie #
  • Hooray for ! Google, please reconsider your position on the apps 😥 #
  • word of the day; peeps! #
  • Whats with facebook???? Junk replies more “Sorry, this profile is not available at the moment.” than valid data! :/ #
  • #Microsoft promotes piracy with their new #Windows7 launch videos #
  • Its easy to forget how peaceful gent is during summer. Thats over now.. #
  • The soap continues.. Just when I thought I was out – they pull me back in! #
  • Pidgin Clear Text pass – Oh you found that out just now? how cute 😉 #
  • I just looove the CNET Buzz Report Special CNet report – #
  • Following @gdk & @nocturn. Doing the Koala test 🙂 #
  • Aparently that wasnt a koala image, must ve wrong clicked.. downloading updates at 1702kbps is cool though.. 🙂 #

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