the weekend

Lots of fun tonight with the peeps; Call of Chtulhu tabletop fun..
Met Freek, nice guy! Great troupe; we ll have more fun soon!
& We’re all awfully intrigued by the whole story thingy! I mean, my lil brother died!!!!

Saharah fuif yesterday was fun
Though Im just BEAT now!
Im off to bed; Im so tired I wont even be able to write that cellphone post Ive been wanting to write

And I finally got my Paranoia stuffs 🙂

  • MGP6630 Paranoia XP RPG
  • MGP6663 Paranoia XP: Mandatory Mission Pack
  • MGP6654 Paranoia: War On [Insert Noun Here]
  • MGP6635 Paranoia XP: Flashbacks

GREAT stuffs!!!! Paranoia is just Too cool 😉

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