The day in Shorts

  • I saw a rain of sparks this morning. Off the underbelly of a lil’ Porche, hurryingly scraping the edge of a speed bump. What a spectacle 😉 #
  • Lucid Lynx. I might just skip the 9.10; I mean.. a fucking Koala?? Ill take a super sleek huge cat any day! #
  • small ROFL moment here! 😀 #
  • heaing a contra netbook argument. They say youll have a tough time watchinh Hulu HD streams. .. That tiny screen doesnt NEEEEEEED ffin’ HD! #
  • You suck. Just sayin’ #
  • food! (for stomach, not for thought) #
  • I need COFFEE #
  • Slightly irked at that last phone-call. Not the ideal place for that conversation :/ #
  • you know, something I REALLY dont miss about html? God damned frames!! grr #

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