The day in Shorts

  • Dissapointed at the location functionality of the Android Locale app. It didnt work this morning 😦 #
  • All your QRCode needs at 🙂 #
  • grmbl, I desperately need a Virtual Host at home. A test serv would greatly ease the testing I plan to do tonight.. #
  • The new Rammstein music clip is Super 🙂 German Pussy We wont see this version on MTV though 🙂 #
  • @xinkill you should’ve skipped the beer all together! That said, time for the bottle 🙂 #
  • Stupid fuckass printer companies that dont bother providing linux drivers. Crawl up in a hole & die! *Pissed* #
  • yeah, @gdk , I like that apt-get one too #
  • no, @gdk , a sodden ancient piece of shit Canon i350 my wife bought before we met. #

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