Lets talk games

Or actually no, I dont really have the time.

But check out playdeb.net
Its Awsome!

If only I d had that back in the day when I was preparing my Ubuntu Games talk. Talking about that, the presentation will soon be up again at ubuntu.com/Presentations.

Awsome initiatives.

And Ill soon be hosting my own pretty WoD server. One way or another.

And Ive been wondering about a worms game I used to play back in the day. Supercool 2D madness with grapple hooks & all that. Realtime 2D warfare. Insane stuff really

Sod off!
(Click here for help & translation of such colorfull english phrases as the above..)

Edit. yeah.
Wörms of prey! wormsofprey.org
Thats what we played. It was awsome. Lemme try that again soon.

NOW sod off!

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