TomTom Anounces an Open Source GPS Technology? I couldnt care less!

Apparently “TomTom Anounces an Open Source GPS Technology“.. (According to OStatic, European company TomTom (which recently settled a patent agreement with Microsoft) has announced a new open source format OpenLR for sharing routing data (relevant points, traffic information…) in digital maps of different vendors, to be used in GPS devices. ) And I am pro anything open sourcey.. but they d better make their tomtom home first!

It Is so far STILL not possible to update your tomtom device; your linux inside, Linux kernel running, open source based; using anything other than a windows machine.

I’m glad that the GPS business is trying to move on (undoubtedbly thanks to the deplorable state of the average GPS product, when compared to the current reality overlay type mobile devices – Im thinking Andoid, iPhone, etc..) And Im even more excited that they re going open source with at least The aforementioned part of their product

But it shows a Real lack of respect for their whole Linux customer base that they still havent provided a Linux version of their software. (Small effort? If only making the current software work under Wine?) And are apparently not planing to do so. More info tru Google!

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