The day in Shorts

  • We have a great chat bot. Usefull functions all that.. Just a pitty though hes NEVER AROUND!!!!!! #
  • #80 doesnt look as nice as promised last month! iPhone dev? In a Linux magazine with Android WebOS around?? Seriously??? #
  • I remember talking to someone who wants a Popcorn hour A-110, but cant remember Who that was.. #
  • This microblogging thing – my desktop reading stuffs still need some workflow streamlining :/ #
  • We shouldnt worry about Marvel because Disney makes Lost. And THATS a great example of a well managed successful show?!?! :/ #
  • *sigh* I want my M4400 #
  • (04:32:45 PM) beRt: muziek maken = windows #
  • Baby Steps.. Samba working 80%; NTP server & client OK; Next up.. Ldap & connecting all that. Babysteps 😉 #
  • looks Awsome – Wondering if Ill be able to attend.. there s some other stuff already that weekend! #

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