A second visit to saunate.

Its good to see that they are constantly improving their sauna. The visit was slightly better than the last one, but still I have the same irks as before..

* Weird people. Cant really quantify this; but its an issue. For an example.. In the first sauna there was an older guy, coughing up a lung the way only a seasoned smoker can. At a moment I considered checking if he wasnt dying or whatnot. Yet since his wife was next to him & ignoring the whole show, this must ‘ve been his usual routine :s And as a finishing note, he left the sauna and his exit routine was slamming the door several times and finally leaving it slightly ajar. NOT Relaxing!
* General pool ambiance
* Slightly too cold outside the saunas
* The lighting at night gives me the feeling Im already there beyond closing time :/

And this last issue is really what does it for me :/ It screws over my whole experience.

I had the hot stone thing done to me though and that was a blast! Its a fun lil treatment & Ill probably want to experience it again!

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