More Saunas to Try ;)

A new Saunas To Try list 😉

First of all, we still havent been to

I know its a very pretty place to linger & .. yet for some reason we still havent gotten around to it! :/

Then next, here are 2 saunas I just heard about & would just love to try 🙂

Maybe next time 😉

Though Oxy Zen is obviously due for a second try!

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2 thoughts on “More Saunas to Try ;)

  1. Sauna Raj GENT BELGIUM is a really beautifull sauna. I have been there 2 times and i will go again and again and again….. GREAT to relax, nice people and everything is in indian style, beautifull sauna’s and relaxspace!!
    Greetz Janet


    1. Thanks for the review, Janet! Since then we ve been to Asanti and my wife had a great experience in L’Eau de Lo. But for some reason we seem to unable to get to the Rai

      But Raj is still Very HIGH on the list!
      And in the mean time we re silently enjoying our precious Aqua Azul moments 🙂


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