The day in Shorts

  • @nimblemind is a great place to start for OTR, I know.. All my X minus one etc come from there #
  • T es toch gien kast iniejn steken veneir! #
  • Is lockergnome sponsored by Microsoft?? Their linux coverage is .. weird .. #
  • time for food and post stuffs #
  • hes still doubting, @NimbleMind , @Ma9ur0 is talking about being worth the effort and weird stuffs like that _ #
  • well, @NimbleMind, thats probably where @Ma9ur0 got this biased look! He is obviously used to Windows user interface pestering! #
  • Sauna time. And as a first.. A hot stone massage treatment. Lets hope this benifits my aching back 🙂 #
  • Goddamned cross twitter/identica posting. I should remedy this somehow :/ #

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