Another project for when I find the time..

Step One. The hardware.

  • Buy a plug pc
  • Get a USB IR blaster
  • Put it all together with the LIRC 🙂

Step Two. The Software.

  • Write an Android software app that ll connect to the plug over the Wifi & that ll send the right commands to be blasted. Oh & also make it flexible & possible to easilly add new remotes.. and to add combo buttons (kill all equiptment) and .. yeah! All that 😀
    And More!!

Step Three. Install It.

  • Connect up the plug
  • The network
  • The USB Stuff

and Enjoy the Android & Wifi powered universal remote 😉

There s a lot of writing involved before any of this would work. But it d be worth it.. Fuck the expensive universal remotes, get with the Open!

And if this already exisits, please point me to where I can get the data to start enjoying this setup 😀

Edit: Obviously the easiest piece of hardware would be a bluetooth IR blaster. Connect the phones to the device & blast away. This is what irked my interest, but I wasnt able to find any such device. And thats what triggered this post..

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