Gerard of Amber

We would all like to congratulate Kabouter, lately of Amber, with his retirement. His disk lies in storage, but his data and tasks are carried beyond by Gerard of Amber. The newest server in the server room.

Gérard, a trusted brother, the strongest man in the multiverse and called “the best of all of us” by Brand. His loyalty is not, however, backed up with intelligence. He resents being manipulated by his siblings, preferring the face to face confrontation, and the contest of strength, not of guile. When the family contacts Brand in his shadow prison, Gérard is the first to grab an axe, teleport into Brand’s cell, and free him. Later he guards Brand after he is mysteriously stabbed after returning to Amber. Ironically, of course, Brand is the author of all the troubles of Amber.

List of characters in the Chronicles of Amber

He s up & running though I WILL still need to configure the access to the data. But thats for later 🙂

I lost a sodden lot of time due to a faulty cable. Grr

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