The day in Shorts

  • Its good to see Prince Filip take up those trade missions, its appauling that he s taking Leterme with him. Inevitable but no less appauling #
  • Its also incredibly ironic that the people with the biggest flu scare – get sick first.. #
  • My morning IceTea – DAMN that hits the spot #
  • Fuck, I just terribly crashed my Compiz :/ #
  • you talkin bout me, @NimbleMind ? #
  • oh, @NimbleMind , yeah, microblogging is fast 🙂 You ll get used to it :p #
  • what are you watching, @Ma9ur0 ? #
  • btw, @nimblemind , i’ll probably be reading the Dark Heresy rulebooks for a one off soon. Ill keep you posted should player slots free up 😉 #
  • Yummie egg with cheese & ham #
  • I was having a hard time with all the stuff I want to see at #pukkelpop on the same time.. Now that I saw the Petit Bazar; I just overloaded #
  • Another step out of the bureaucratic mess – DAMN, Fortis is a bad bank. Apparently they are not able o even change my adress #
  • After 4 episodes of Mad Men, I feel sad about the moment they banned whisky in the office.. 😀 #

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