The day in Shorts

  • good idea, @JudgeFredd ! 😉 #
  • its Incredibly funny to see how for some tasks, I still want to make a quick paper draft instead of doing it on the computer :/ #
  • MAAAAAaaaan, we need to get a Roomba #
  • And THAT is why you have to put COMMENTS in your code. #
  • Fortis barely deserves the name bank. I went to their terminals over noon. I can only hope that paribas is able to remedy the quality #
  • Zoebie #
  • Its that time of friday again. Zoebie #
  • Coffee NOW #
  • Listening to Little Richard – Piano Riff Woo #
  • it just hit me that I had always expected my mom to outlive her all time idol, Joe Cocker. #
  • Or my grandmother for that fact, but Ive grown used to that fact #

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