The day in Shorts

  • This mornings commute featured an inordinate amount of CUNTS! #
  • Mobile Multiplayer Trans-Reality Gaming is really the future. There are So Much COOL games just Waiting to be built #
  • Welcome, @Ma9ur0 , though I have to admit that these days, Im more into than twitter. #
  • Wait What?? 31 followers on Twitter???? When did that happen??? #
  • Weinig verschil, @Ma9ur0 , post door op twitter, dus.. En t heeft een paar handige extra opties EN is open source 🙂 #
  • Exit iPod earbuds, they served me well for about .. 6 years I d say #
  • Hello JVC Gummy earbuds – Black #
  • Whow, race conditions in a simple webpage. viva ajax :s #
  • There really is An Awfull LOT of TASTELESS ajax around 😡 Utter Lack Of STYLE #

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