Yes, I had my hands in a lot of dirt today. I did some cleaning, but most of all.. I finally got to the pond. If someone had asked me how much dirt i’d expect; I would have been SO WRONG!!!!!!!! Damn! It was caked with inches of JUNK! The cleaning took me ages & I wont put it all back in till tomorrow anyway. The fountain is back up, but no rocks and junk so far. Ill check tomorrow to see how its doing & Ill see if I put them back in tomorrow or clean the whole thing another time. Bluh

Still a lot of junk on the list though, but this filter thing was obviously The Greatest problem!

And there s a new one on the list here.. thorough cleaning of the floor with some liquid, probably even water..

And Ill have to get some javel because I found out today that We Have None! pfsh


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