The day in Shorts

  • That guy doensnt get what a favour im doing him by configuring his windows OS #
  • At least its not Vista #
  • Still ugly as hell and buggy like a perambulator #
  • Funny. It says Push f1 for help.. Im fighting the bile in my throat from the windows. I wonder if they have an answer to that. #
  • looking at a Samsung NC10. Surprisingly big keyboard! #
  • Rofl! The windows installer cant handle a simple Wifi connection! #
  • Damn, the NC10 is a HEAVY lil bugger! Pathetic really to modern standards #
  • though the samsung windows configurator software works surprisingly well #
  • booting takes ages looks Scary #
  • Fresh install: 3,4 Gb! Wot s that?? #
  • sigh #
  • Electricity #

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