Our first 500 points Warmachine battle!

At 18.45 (Regrettably 15 minutes late as usual) I walked into the friendly neighborhood game place to meet Stitch for our First 500 points battle!

We picked a game from the first week of the Retaliation of the Wilds Call to arms. We played map 17, the Hellhole Scenario and decided to ignore the global effect and the advantages to keep things simple. The global effect nor advantages would really have mattered.

Interesting game though, and we learned a painful lesson! After several hours, we ended in a draw and barely hit any metal in the process.

Stitch had built a perfect trap, a gauntlet to run through before I d be able to get to him. A great tactic, but sadly, Khador isnt insane. It was impossible for me to run in there and even come near to surviving, so I just didnt and chose to play his game. The hellhole was getting bigger and his trap depended on his Wrack solo, who were about to get swallowed at any rate. So we both waited. And had The Most BORING game ever.

In earlier situations I d just have rushed in and I d have lost. But I although that makes for a quicher game & even a more fun one, I stopped doing that recently. So mirroring his tactics was the only possible solution. I did & we both lost.

The lesson here is quite simple really, Too good a trap is a bad tactic. Setting up a gauntlet to weaken your enemy is fine, its a great tactic. But he still has to be willing to go through it. If your gauntlet is too heavy, its bad! 🙂

And this whole Wrack + Choir of Menoth combo is tough. Im curious if Ill be able to do better next time we battle.

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2 thoughts on “Our first 500 points Warmachine battle!

  1. Warmachine is not about sitting back and playing defensively! It is about huge machines slamming into each other at full speed!! :p


  2. Its not about running towards a certain death though..
    We had a rematch & this time the way I lost was way more interesting 🙂


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