These last few days

I had an eventful last few days. First there was the job thing. Then the Carouso scare and then today there was the First Warmachine 500 points battle!

Job related
After a frustrating ride, I yesterday signed my contract at the new place and turned in my resignation at the current place πŸ™‚ More info on the new place soon, but Ill keep it a surprise for now πŸ™‚
Im excited and happy at this new challenge!!

Our dear cat jumped through our open velux window yesterday. So he ended up in the first level rain gutter. Our gutter is quite broad and made of concrete, so that was no direct problem. However, there was no way for Rouso to get away from there in any safe way.
Luckilly, I was still awake, beyond the healthy hours and heard some weird noize. So I went to have a look and found Rouso where he was and Grigio trying to get there. I put Grigio somewhere else and started Operation Save Carouso!
Which meant waking Vi, getting out a ladder and exploring the gutter at 2 at night!
Rouso came away with a scare and some dirt. We all learned a lesson here; we wont leave that window unattended and Rouso ll probably do the same thing next time he gets the chance πŸ™‚ He s still a cat, you know – hehe

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