Warmachine Faction Deck MKII

I bought the Khador Faction Deck MKII today. I thought I was buying a deck with the new Warmachine MKII rules, but apparently, those are Not what I just bought! I apparently bought a deck of normal cards, pretty color cards, undoubtedly to replace the old black and white ones.

Warmachine MkI Deck
Now I do wonder.. How should I have known that this Faction Deck MKII was not a faction deck of the MKII rules?

It took me a long while to check all this and then to finally find the following thread..

The current reprinted faction decks say mk2 on them already since they have been reprinted to include all color cards. So faction deck for Warmachine mk2, may have to be called Faction decks mk3.

This may lead to some confusion down the road when people and suppliers start ordering the new faction decks.

More than a lil frustrated, I started writing the following reply to the thread. Apparently being the first person to want to post this reply to the thread..

Right, I actually feel quite cheated.. I bought a box saying “Khador Faction Deck MKII”. Expecting to buy a faction deck for the new MKII rules. Excited at how the new stats might look and whatnot.. Only to find out, after a lot of paranoia and sifting through the forums to find info about the new stats, comparing them.. that they re NOT the new MKII rules, but just something thats has MKII printed on the box but has NOTHING to do with the MKII rules. (Was all this confusing? MKII vs MKII? Imagine my confusion!)

This Sucks!
Im sorry to be so negative, but I dont like that I just spent Γ’β€šΒ¬15 on something I REALLY didnt need!

After posting the reply it soon became apparent WHY the thread didnt contain any complaints, I was Not able to post in that forum! Probably because Im not a play tester or whatever.. Anyway, I was still feeling duped and frustrated so I just sent a mail to the customer service.


I bought the Khador Faction Deck MKII today and I feel quite cheated. I was expecting to buy cards with the new MKII stats; but apparently that is not what I bought.

This is Extremely confusing and frustrating.

Thinking I had bought the new cards, I was quite paranoid at the lack of difference in my cards & the ones from my fresh MKII deck. So I just spent hours confirming the difference or rather lack thereof. Until I was able to confirm it and afterwards discovered this thread. http://www.privateerpressforums.com/index.php?showtopic=175828 So apparently this is a problem that has already been noticed?
I prepared a reply to vent my frustrations, only to discover that I couldnt reply to the thread; frustrating me even More. And that is why I’m sending you this message.

Is there a way to discern between this MKII deck and the MKII rules?

I’m quite dissapointed at this whole situation and hope you can at least solve this for other gullable saps who would make this mistake in the future!


What a shitty situation! Im curious how and if they ll solve this.
Though I do expect a swift reply to my complaint, they re caring like that πŸ™‚


Edit: Soon after sending the email, Adam from Privateer Press replied sugesting I take them back to the shop where I bought them or if that wasnt possible, send the cards back to Privateer Press directly. Soon followed by Kevin in the comments with a word of clarification on why that forum post was locked. PPS lives up to its customer care and community reputation. Check the comments for more info.. πŸ™‚

Warmachine MkII Decks
Post MkII edit: Im happy to see that the new, real MkII cards have “2010 edition” plastered all over them!
No more such problems in the future.. πŸ™‚
Thank you Privateer Press!!

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5 thoughts on “Warmachine Faction Deck MKII

  1. Can you not just return them to the shop where you bought them? I agree that the double use of the MkII branding is confusing. Those cards have been out for a good while, but if you are new to Warmachine you may not have come across them before.


    1. The shop owner is a friend and he insists I return the cards; but I have, some time after writing this post, decided to keep them. Having them all is nice in the end, even though I wont be able to use them after MKII comes out..

      That however doesnt matter at all.
      The biggest point of my outrage is this name confusion. I dont think I was the first and I wont be the last person either! Its a problem and I d love Privateer to remedy it.

      They were however very friendly about the whole email and replied soon after, advising me to take them back to the store and if that wouldnt work out, they offered me to get to a solution from them. Privateer does have great customer service πŸ™‚


  2. I thought I would add to this. The reason you could not post in that forum is because it was for “pre field test” conversation about the upcoming field test. Once the field test started we moved on to the still opened field test forum.

    I am glad you got in touch with Adam and that you are happy now!

    You might consider updating your post to include the resolution to your story, not everyone reads comments πŸ™‚


  3. Yes, Adam was very friendly (though I still have to thank him, just havent gotten to sending the email)

    I’ll edit the post πŸ˜‰


  4. Im happy to see that the new, real MkII cards have “2010 edition” plastered all over them!
    No more such problems in the future..


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