The baleful state of my server room

I must lament the baleful state of my server room.

My Kabouter fileserver gave out before we left for warmer regions and booting it now, the problem appears graver that I would have thought. I have no clue yet to what extent the damage actually spans, but I am sad to report that the symptoms are quite beyond what I initially observed.

On top of that problem, I also had the dubious pleasure of discovering my sis-pm power block, the rock on which I built my server contraptions with pious efforts, now violently shorts out. The casualties so far being our deep freezers content with an estimate of 100€ worths of food. The culprit has been removed and I will check the warranty on the device since it cant be over 10 months since I acquired it; the first 4 months spent laying in wait, safely in its box.

Needless to say I am quite disappointed at the total state of the whole and if any pleasure might be derived it will only be in restoring my file-server to life and potentially enjoying the magic of spinrite (Can you believe Steve still uses plain old html files for his site in lieu of one of the currently popular CMSes? Cute :)) in the process.

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2 thoughts on “The baleful state of my server room

  1. Hard to believe…we had the same thing happen to us. Freezer content in our case being less – having a smaller freezer.


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