a painfull protectorate victory

I just finished an interesting encounter with Thomas’ bunch of Protectorate wankers.

Its sad to admit.. but they won. :/

We played the Summers heat act 3 – Scenario 8 – Smoke on the Water (Escalation Pg 194) where 2 barges cross eachother on the river & the player controlling the last barge wins. A super FUN scenario with the 2 barges sliding past eachother (now you re in melee, now you re not), surrounded by deep water (bye bye unit overboard) and the randomness of the barges speed (this turn 6 inches forward; the next merely one!). FunFun! 🙂

Thomas saw fit to badly damage my barge and throw overboard my only ranged jack, forcing me to board his barge. But because the barge was far along, I was only able to get my warcaster on his. So that was the end of that :/

Ill have my revenge!

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