When a Samba server goes down while serving Gnome

Something thats been happening a lot these last days, is my samba server crashing while I’m copying stuff from it using my laptop with Ubuntu & Gnome. (My server is crashing, dont really know Why yet, but i’ll get to that some time next .. 😉 ) So the copy goes on endlessly :/

We get the fancy gnome thing, copying & showing the progress. The samba server goes down, the files go missing on the gvfs source and gnome patiently waits around.

The server might come up, whatnot, but the files wont become available again. Not magically anyway 😉 But you cant unmount it either, the map is still sitting there & the copy doesnt fail because gvfs doesnt act on the server disappearing! And you cant mount the server anew, because the gnome still reports it as mounted.

The solution to this annoying lock-up is simple 🙂 Kill the bastard!

killall gvfsd-smb

& this should work out fine 🙂 Gnome will notice it missing, the map will dissapear & the copy will give an error. (You ll want to ignore all there unless you feel like ignoring every separate file you were about to copy)

I guess this is still a rough edge to solve 😉

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