Warmachine Mercenaries

Eric got the Mercenaries Warbox today. The warbox isnt in my earlier list & for some goddamned reason, there is no list or info wherever on the interweb on these boxes, so here s whats inside. (And Ill check this with Eric tomorrow, to make sure im right)

Mercenaries: Magnus the Traitor Warbox
Army Points: 300
Victory Points: 12

Name Cost VP
Magnus the Traitor 69 5
Mangler 105 3
Renegade 65 2
Talon 61 2

These units can be found in the Escalation book. I went through some of the specs earlier & I dont know.. Not really my thing.. I guess..

So yeah, lets see if we can scrap that using The Might of Khador 🙂

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