Privateer Press RULES!

But their websites sometimes leave to be desired!

Warmachine is a lot of fun, a great product. And Im sure Hordes is really cool too. I love what they do with their Call to arms stuffs, and their Privateer Events page is a nice concept too.

But sometimes they do err. And this irks me especially now that I am looking into the Summer Rampage 2009. We re having a summer rampage at Reinalds place and Im looking into getting it all on track. First place to start that is offcourse to check out the Summer Rampage page. They published it in their latest No Quarter magazine, so that should work. They published in the magazine. This doesnt work; page not found.

Now, in the end.. The place to start would be setting up the Venue. So I go to and click the create new user thing. This coughs up a blank page. Cant do much with a blank page.

Now maybe I need a user to do all this. So I log in with the fancy account I created a while ago; but there is no option there. So I obviously need the create page.

Maybe I need to look a bit further? So I check the forum & the Suport page for Retailers and although they are Really cool & nice, I dont see any answer on the simple question – how to create a venue on their events site!

So lets try the contact form & see how that turns out.

Otherwise, their stuff is Really nice šŸ™‚

I wouldnt mind going Press Ganger. Sounds nice.. & why not. But I’ll probably have to make the time to actually DO that ..


Edit: Their venue support is Amazing. I filled the contact form & they replied within the hour! Great Service šŸ™‚

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2 thoughts on “Privateer Press RULES!

  1. Hey Gert,

    Thought I would mention here, we are looking in to why the registration page, Summer Rampage, and a few other pages have recently vanished from the site.

    Thanks for your patience on this. Summer Rampage ’09 is going to rock!


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