Koi fish grow OLD!

Koi can live for centuries. One famous scarlet koi, named “Hanako” (c. 1751 – July 7, 1977) was owned by several individuals, the last of which was Dr. Komei Koshihara. Hanako was reportedly 226 years old upon her death. Her age was determined by removing one of her scales and examining it extensively in 1966. She is (to date) the longest-lived koi fish ever recorded

Source: Wikipedia

Cool 🙂

I removed a dead fish today. Not a Koi. But since I have no clue how old fishies grow, I decided to check up on the oldest fish in our pond. Accidentally also one of the few whose name I kow, namely the 2 big Koi fish. They first lived in my dads pond back when he had the Rotan store. Then got moved over to here. He told us they grew from some tiny gold fishes me or my brother won at the carnival; which puts these fish at about 15 years. old. Maybe older, maybe younger. Probably not over 20 though. Apparently, thats really old for a Koi 🙂

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