A downside to Nespresso

One downside to the Nespresso system is that you ll miss the ritual of smelling the ground coffee before making the cup.. Its something lost in Nespresso (or other automated systems) and its a pitty.

I’m starting myself a portion of Caffè Frappe; Italian style, thaks to Peters recipe. 🙂 (I only wonder how long Id best put it in the freezer.. :s Ill see I guess)

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2 thoughts on “A downside to Nespresso

  1. You’ve gone completely sideways man, setting those kind of boundaries for yourself. Just adjust the process as if it were a drunken mood!
    Take a Nespresso Cup, f*ck it up in a Neveryday fashion as you (fakely) try to push it into the machine. Then, calmly and surely grab another Cup and continue as if nothing ever happened. You’ll have a great coffee for drink and ground coffee all over your hands, feet and nostrals for all I care! Who ever cared about this kind of waste? Not in Vegas they don’t! 😀


  2. you re right, that does sound great! Lemme try that next! 🙂

    The frappe was cold after 150 minutes in the freezer. Had expected that a lot faster.. But yeah. The recipe however didnt taste quite right. Maybe too strong a coffe, maybe it needs sugar/milk, .. Next attempt: tomorrow 🙂


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