The day in Shorts

  • Its SQL Join time #
  • lunch in the sun with ice cream to top it off 🙂 #
  • whoowie! Koffee time! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! blurgh #
  • Time for a cup of jooeee #
  • Robojoe 🙂 Everyone needs one #
  • My own pastebin d be really cool 🙂 Ill be checking that software out soon 🙂 #
  • Whow, Rickroll’d #
  • remind me why I use this database abstraction class? Ooooh there s a BIIIG rant about database abstraction coming up.. #
  • @apollo indecision is a decision on itself #
  • I chat up bots.. isnt that sad #
  • right, @gdk, how s your indecision? :s #
  • you ve got it bad, @gdk, if you re indecisive about your indecisiveness 😉 #
  • call it a day #
  • drinking a Perfectly poured Hoegaarden 🙂 #

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