The day in Shorts

  • @apollo & @bdeferme, thats Karens last zitti! *mopes* #
  • ooh! I can smell the BBQ already 🙂 Im Hungry!! Hooray for BBQ 🙂 #
  • yes, @bdeferme! 2nd this year by the way 🙂 #
  • Waiting for test mails gets boring REAL QUICK #
  • Power failure @ home. Damn I need that UPS! #
  • Yeah, I probably forgot to save those firewall rules. I’ll have some work tonight at home 😦 #
  • CRAP! #
  • But now its BBQ time! 🙂 #
  • a fine bbq at work, @nocturn & @bdeferme 🙂 #
  • I did, @nocturn & @bdeferme, I’m enjoyong the 2nd ice cream desert now! 🙂 & Yes, Second 😀 #
  • Psyched up tru Nalu #
  • I wouldnt want a desktop for work just because of the simple joy of being able to easilly rearrange my work area as my mood changes! #
  • Off home – im curious what stuff ill have to fix on the Soekris after this unexpected reboot.. #
  • Right :/ Power failure did indeed fuck the iptables config. *sigh* And offcourse the Fonera router is throwing a fit too *sigh* #

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