La Fonera was on long before you connected the network cable.

I just discovered that when La Fonera says..

Scenario 1:

La Fonera was on long before you connected the network cable. It is very important that the network is connected before turning on La Fonera. Otherwise the internal auto-configuration process may fail. The problem can also be that La Fonera lost connection for too long and is now blocked.

Try to unplug the power cable and then plug it back in. Everything should be working in about 1 minute

They actually mean “Connected to the internet!”

After todays power failure (and config fail – firewall trouble) I was able to get to Oberon, the router, but not to the internet. No problem, were it not that the Fonera wouldnt even let me connect to Oberon. So I checked the config (at least now I remember the pwd again :s) and took a look around. It had recieved a valid IP adress, confirming that Oberon was doing his part, up to where he was supposed to; but no such luck when it came to the fonera. There was no setting or rebooting or whatnot that could persuade it to connect to the http server on Oberon, let alone the ssh I needed to load the config.

So I had to disconnect the Fonera and connect wired to enable the interwebs through Oberon.

Next up was obviously solving the whole Fon problem! So I connected the thing, connected the wifi and lo and behold; it worked!

Now, whats to be learnt from this?

The only answer I can think of so far is that it connects to whatever webpage (the fonera home?) while starting & that starting fails when this fails. Is this a security to make sure you wont just use it as a private AP? I’ll have to have Oberon sniff out the communications next time I restart La Fonera 🙂

This whole power failure did cost me quite some time now. So I’ll have to hurry to Maya, quickly eat & clean the kitchen in just that bit a higher gear. Not to mention that my grandmother is waiting for me to go n get some stuffs.

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