Homebrew Wii

Since I have some amazing ScummVM games on the shelves, and nothing plays as well as a Wii 🙂 So I installed the homebrew app to enable me to enjoy those Classic games 🙂 Beneath a Steel Sky & Flight of the Amazon Queen, here I come 🙂

For those interested in the process.. All Wii Homebrew info can be found at WiiBrew.org! Luckilly, I had v3.3E I used the twilight Hack & then installed the homebrew chan (wiibrew) using the fresh BootMii (wiibrew) software! In short..

  • Prepare SD card with Twilight Hack & BootMii files
  • Copy the Twilight hack & have Zelda crash
  • Watch BootMii start & wait for it to check the possibilities
  • Confirm installation of the Homebrew chan 🙂

Simple as that. Its amazing how user friendly they managed to make it!

Next up; testing the ScummVm Wii software 🙂

(asfor how legal all that is .. Once I own the device, I can damn well do with it as I want. Be that hitting it with a hamer, drowning it in pig fat or installing software 🙂 )

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