Tiny Tiny RSS

I’m trying to supplicate Google Reader by ttrss.

Tiny Tiny RSS is a fun web based rss client. Really nice n all that, but I have to say my test havent been too succefull. Its nice and – excluding a few quirks – it works nicely!

The problem is though, its Incredibly SLOW! Its Sloooooooow! Slooooooooooooooooooooooow!!! And its beyond use really. Its annoying! So I’m about to consider the thing a failure. I’m going to give it another chance though. Right now its running on my low end Soekris router; but before I scrap the project I’m going to give it a go on Dara, the virt server, but that ll only be after I get the chance to clean her up. And I dont know when offcourse 😀

I hope the serv upgrade will solve the problems..

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