Khador met Cygnar on the battle ground tonight. A fierce battle for the strategic highpoint. 2 pairs of stairs leading to a high platform.
The strong Khadoran troups were quickly to arrive on the highground. Sorscha then directed the heavy warjacks to block the stairs, thus blocking the path to the highground.
The weakling Cygnar failed their attempts to pass the warjack and thus lost the battle!


After that I went home & prepared my Mordheim warband for tomorrow. Nurgle’s 7th Troupe is ready to ride into town and bring glee and black plague to the villagers hearts!

That being said; I also tried to get banking stuff done. That didnt turn out that well. Apparently I need to look for some whatever credentials & .. Ill have to look for them tomorrow :/

Now to see if I can get 15 minutes of Maya before going to sleep.. Its waay too late again :/

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