The day in Shorts

  • Superfly! #
  • Damn, I just Looooove Wine! Excelent software! #
  • The Win Wise install wizard is Atrocious! And considering how COOL it is compared to what we had before.. Whow :/ New Dimensions of SUCK #
  • I am amazed that is Such a COOOOOOOL site! Damn!!! #
  • yeah, @bdeferme , but even though its all (puke) flash, its just a nice & Fun site with her bouncing around on all the pages & all that 🙂 #
  • yeah, @bdeferme , but thats because you shouldnt be browsing At All at work though :p #
  • @bdeferme Dont you have a Kingdom to run! #
  • Yesterday was really sad. My grandmother was handing out her garden plants, Ken is starting a project there. It felt like she was giving up. #
  • Pirate bay won 2 EU parliament seats 🙂 Hooray! #
  • Windows 7 system requirements.. 16 GB available disk space??????????? #
  • Windows 7 RC Download Center – Im REALLY curious and sceptical about this release candidate. I wonder if its Any better than XP! #
  • Im wondering how long installing Windows7 will take. #
  • The installer feels Very clunky from the start. why?? #
  • Selecting to install a disk driver, without actually really wanting to do that (by accident?) makes you have to restart the installation #
  • And installing a new system is always a ‘Custom’ install. Now thats Angsty! I dont want anything custom, I want a regular install!! #
  • Ah, the first restart. of many to come? #
  • mini just brought me Jummie berries! Fresh from the bush! #
  • Hm – win7 just resized my screen. I wonder why. I now have scrollbars in my VM :s #
  • Why does ‘Completing Installation’ take SO long??? #
  • Second Reboot. What just happeden???? #
  • happeden is actually an alternative spelling for happened! #
  • Just when I thought win7 would boot.. it said ‘preparing your desktop’ .. Then what was all the other shit it just did?? Wait some more! #
  • And we appear to be Live! Lets see how win7 rolls 🙂 #
  • Lol! The huge icons & color theme REALLY remind me of KDE 😀 #
  • I like the new windows theme. Its clear and unobtrusive #
  • I like the win7 sticky notes at first glance. Dont think everyone will appreciate them though #
  • Playin win7 internet backgammon. Games are still what it does best – lol #
  • Backgammon & IE make the thing go REALLY slow :s #
  • yeah, win7 backgammon online; the fuck didnt even play out the game. He was probably lost but still.. *sigh* #
  • the boot time seems to have improved. Still no match for ubuntu though #
  • the win7 boot imagery sucks. It tells you jack shit about whats happening and it could just be hanging, you wouldnt know! *Sigh* #
  • win7 wont play audio on my virtual machine though.. #
  • The error messages remain cryptic as ever.. That troubleshooter doesnt appear to do ANYTHING? #
  • It does offer the ‘get remote assistance from a friend’ option. I dont know how good that ll work(natting & all), but its a nice option! #
  • The freshly installed win7 app menu does feel quite snappy. Then again, every fresh win install feels Snappy :/ #

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