The Watery Doom

The adventure continued on 17/05 at Toms table. Kenneth, Dirk, Jake & Tom resumed the quest!

After an uneventful nights sleep, the heroes woke up hungry and ready for adventure. A small meal later, they decided to get on with the adventuring.

After talking the matters through, they went to open the closed doors on the way to Meepo’s final resting place. They opened the door on the right and discovered a very exciting empty, rubble filled room. Thorough investigation of the rubble turned up a lot of rubble. Satisfied in their discovery of rubble, they went on to the next room. A sturdy door barred their access until the thief picked the lock.

The door opened onto a stone room with a rusted iron keg in the middle. They heard water & figured that, being thirsty, they would open it & have a sip. Cade, the halfling, made the Supreme effort and yanked out the bung from the top of the keg. Water started spilling out, defying gravity and whatnot.. They tried hitting it, but the shape kept on growing. Minutes later, they figured shit was hitting a fan.
The chamber held a magical reserve of water, though no one had tapped it in hundreds of years. Unfortunately, the reserve consisted of a water mephit. And on its release, it had another duty to perform aside from keeping the keg filled with water: Kill any who disturb the water cache.

The water ellemental lashed out and hit Small full on. Cade had a great reflex in dodging the thing, backflipped off the keg and got off with half the damage. Thenthirty and PikjoerLoessie dragged out their wounded friends and slammed the door shut in the nick of time. They listened at the door to hear what the monster would do and not hearing anything, they figured they got away!

After a painful reappraisal of the whole situation, they decided to make the trip to town to get patched up and stock up on some things they hadn’t realized they needed before starting the adventure. Things like bandages and rope and .. After a lot of money, time at the doctors, beer and rest they resumed their adventuring πŸ™‚

They walked back to the citadel, avoided the traps and almost walked into a Huge puddle in front of the heavy wooden door. Panic ensued and after reading the Draconic texts on the walls, they decided they had to cross the puddle some way or another, so Small just went ahead and walked on in. To everyones dismay, the puddle of water turned out to be a Huge Puddle of Water! Once everyone had trod through, they noticed the small stream that ran trough the western door in Meepo’s room into a big hall.

The party crept to the half open door, peered through and closed it once they saw what was happening. The elemental was attacking a small group of Kobolds and the Kobolds werent doing too well. The heroes decided to wait and see how the whole thing would play out and opened the door in the south wall of Meepos room. The door turned out to be a breeding area for huge rats. The rats were quickly killed and the heroes decided to have another look at the Kobolds progress.

The Kobolds had by then recieved several batches of reinforcements and were slowly succeeding in killing the water Mephit. PikjoerLoessie figured a well placed fireball would be all they needed and blasted on them fools! He hit the badly hurt Mephit and delivered the killing blow. Killing several brave Kobolds in the process. The surviving Kobolds were very gratefull for the help and quickly made friends with their saviors! PikjoerLoessie and Thenthirty learned that the Kobolds answer to a Yusdrayl and that that leader has all the answers!

This is where Cade and Small decided they needed to interrogate the survivors. Small quickly decided the survivors were really prisoners and that “prisoners” were a real threat to them! So he killed them with a few swift swooshes of his blade.
The more observant adventurers noticed a creepy fog forming on the floor of the dungeon. Rolling in from all around them until there was a layer of several inches of fog on the floor. By the time they were able to tell their murderous friends about it though, the fog was gone.

On the huge pile of Kobold bodies, some drowned others burnt to a crisp – and two bodies with a look of relief, hope and surprise on their twisted faces, slain by a human weapon .. the heroes had a meeting and decided they would walk up to Yusdrayl, introduce themselves and work things out then & there.

As to the question if that is even remotely a good idea.. We ll find out next time! πŸ™‚

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