The day in Shorts

  • Why the Fuck does everyone have the same ringtone as me? I mean.. I downloaded it from the interwebs, hadnt thought it to be THAT common! #
  • @bdeferme its an old telephone ringing. Its quite a common sound, but there are A LOT of people with the IDENTICAL sound and thats Weird! #
  • this coffee really isnt that good 😦 #
  • Another usefull sub ready for use 🙂 #
  • Hell, my hand hurts. #
  • Someone working with my code just told me I have an interesting way of working. Thats a nice complement! 🙂 #
  • @xinkill Yes. #
  • @xinkill Well, Since he s actually _Working_ with my code, I let him get back to the working & just took the complement. #
  • My ipod earbuds just broke. One of the wires snapped. They are about 6 years old, thats not bad 🙂 They Outlived my iPod! 🙂 #

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