World of Warcraft Miniatures Game

We had a go at Tom’s World of Warcraft Miniatures Game. He bought it when he went to check out Reinald at Highborn recently.. We did 2 plays & I now have An Opinion 🙂 I also posted the this to Boardgamegeek.

Its a good introduction into mini games for people who are into boardgames and for children.
Its fun & the mechanics stand though there is a lot of damage going around all the time and not too much variation in the actions. Its quite simple. The time mechanism on the other hand works ok & is worth while.

The production values on the other hand are just loathsome! The deluxe box comes with a nice cardboard board, several counters and minis. When starting to play the game, we quickly realized there werent any counters for tracking the turns on the fancy space on the board. Or to track the points. So we had to go looking around for other stuff. Not really Deluxe!
And asfor the minis. They re not Ugly. But they re not spectacular either and the paint job isnt really that nice. But I dont mind. They re quite cheap too.
What DOES irk me is the Ubase ™ system. Its appalling how bad the minis fit into the bases. Some dont click into the base, some click in, then pop out doing a slightly spectacular jump. Those bases should facilitate the game; not be a nuisance. And just Because of those bases; you find yourself sliding around the whole board to pick up that base and click it to another value. Instead of simply picking up the entire unit. Which you have to do each time your character does something (to change the time scale) and each time you take damage. Thats a lot. The Ubase ™ system SUCKS!

And I just loathe the random blister part. A friend bought the deluxe box containing 6 minis, ready for playing; but the 2 factions werent at all equal in strength. No prob, you can buy blisters to build a better game and they re not THAT expensive, but at this time I feel the game will never be really worth the long while. I dont see myself buying it & if I had, I wouldnt bother with the blisters.

Great as a stepping stone to Warmachine or Mordheim or .. though!

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