The day in Shorts

  • Some things are beyond explaining #
  • @xinkill how much are you at??? #
  • @xinkill Thats not .. a lot πŸ™‚ #
  • @xinkill Give it a Whirl, let Linux AMAZE you! Lol πŸ™‚ That might fail though πŸ™‚ #
  • yeah, @xinkill , Why?? @bdeferme doesnt do all that shit! He runs Windows natively without those pesky other operating systemses! #
  • Whow! XMPP just started working. Cool! #
  • @bdeferme yeah no, I knew of it, but it just Did NOT Work up till now. Weird, I know. #
  • @bdeferme yeah yeah, you do run linux machines all around.. hehehe #
  • @bdeferme you re probably feeling the #mono love after a remark like that.. #
  • yeah, @bdeferme , how you like that hot #mono love right in your face! #
  • And another sweet mechanism built into the page. Hooray! Lets celebrate! Coffee for Everyone!!! #
  • s/Coffee for Everyone/Free coffee from downstairs. And you have to get it yourself. And dont talk to me either. for Everyone!!/ #
  • look out what you wish for, @bdeferme #
  • that sounds interesting, @gdk .. #
  • The words ‘You goddamn clown.’ are just a great way to end a rant! #
  • microblogging can now automatically update your facebook status. Hooray! #
  • Maybe I dont really get the impact of a single blog post. Maybe its something like a butterfly flapping its wings & all that #

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