Presents :)

Lots of people whished me a happy 27; lots of people came to see mee yesterday, it was fun.

But lets be honest here, thats not what its all about.. Its about The Presents! And I got some Awsome prenents 😀

  • Snowboard bag
    Jaga & Thomas noticed that my snowboard bag was quite damaged. Holes n all that; so the week after Thomas tried snowboarding first, they went & got me a new bag for my BDay 🙂
    Its got all the things I missed in my old bag; like side pockets, easy handles, lots of space; ..
    its amazing!
  • Roses
    Mini got me Wonderfull roses.
    I might post a pic of it later!
  • De Poort Cheque
    I told Dirk that I had my eye on a certain special comic in De Poort. Namely the “Gaston L’ intégrale” great thing! Its an expensive book so its a great thing to get as a present 🙂 One problem though is that apparently its not one €100 book. But they re at SIX BOOKS right now! Six Expensive Hardcover 30x40cm books! Im impressed. Still want them though 🙂 hehehe

Tnx peoples 🙂

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