(and thats the german version rather than english)

I want to get the units I need for my 350pts group 🙂
And I want the time to paint my models!

Thanks to the brave efforts of Thomas & Mini, we now have a working toilet!
And the whole effect, the design choices, works GREAT 🙂
Now all we need to finish it off is the right lighting. But thats a whole project on itself

Library / Dining room / Study
is quite DONE now.
We cleaned the mess, (Thomas) put up what needed to be put up
Mini just painted the letter box.
All that it needs is a sorting of the books, because they ve just been thrown it at the moment. Quite randomly even.
And we need to put a handle on the letter box.

We need lots of lighting.
but thats a whole project on itself.
Because we have a precise taste..

We said our goodbyes to our strange lil cat :/
We still miss her

is doing well.
His diet is going OK too. A strict amount of food; still a bit too much sometimes, but at least its (quite a lot) less than before!

is addapting very quickly.
He & Rouso seem friends by now
He s a fearless lil bugger
He s sweet & extremely Cuddly!

We re talking about the highborn specs
And the other new site (nobody seems to know the url so far :s ) is on hold till I find more time

The Other Project
there are an insane lot of other projects.
I wont even try to draw up a list :/


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